5 in 1 bottle opener




Never struggle opening cans, bottles and jars again!

Opening crown cap bottles, screw on bottles, cans and even those pesky vacuum sealed jars has never been easier with this 5 in 1 opener!

Colorful and easy-to-use design

The handy hook and little opening in the bottom lift tin clips without you breaking your finger nails.

Fast and easy! Never struggle again. Convenient to bring along.

Dishwasher safe design

ABS plastic and metal
Size: 14cm * 3.7cm (top part 5cm)

1. crown caps
2. screw on bottles
3. vacuum sealed jars
4. food tins
5. soda cans

Available in 5 colors

Pick your color or choose for stylish black and gray.

*color may differ slightly from the pictures due to screen settings and type of device used for viewing

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