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Enhance your child’s valuable life skills while playing!

Improve the fine motor skills, dexterity and spatial awareness of your child with these Dinosaur Puzzle Eggs. Assembling and disassembling inspires logical thinking and creativity in your child. It exercises their problem-solving abilities and enhances their imagination in a playful and rewarding manner when they build the dinosaurs with their hand and the screwdrivers.

The perfect set of educational toys for children. It stimulates playing and learning with their friends and they’ll enjoy playing time.

4 reasons as to why these toys will enhance your child’s playtime

✅  Creative brain development – playful learning is essential for the development of our brain. Real play offers interaction with the real world and has a profound effect on brain development.

✅  Movable parts – The head, neck, hands, feet, and tail of the dinosaurs all can be adjusted to play with the dinosaurs and bring them to life! Or fix them on their eggs and put them on display as decoration.

✅  Less screen time – with these Dinosaur Puzzle Eggs you’re offering your child a world of possibilities with less screen time and more imaginative free play. They will encourage more free play and reduce screen time while encouraging interest in using tools and assembling things.

✅  High-Quality, Durable Materials – Each colorful dinosaur is made with premium components designed to last for years and keep children safe. They are of the highest quality that will withstand playtime for years to come. Non-toxic materials, clear colors, and tested safe for children above 3 years old!

Unlock Creativity And Imagination In Your Child

It is all too easy for us to let our children play on our tablets or smartphones or put them in front of a screen to get our much desired time off. However, screen entertainment does not meet the requirement for real creative play, nor does it have the powerful effects real playing has.

Creative development is a profound brain process that happens in a real three-dimensional world, not in a virtual world. It requires interaction with the real world with hands, physical activity, and imagination that is not present in screen-play. Tapping or sliding on a screen to assemble a puzzle or create something will never match the brain benefits of actually creating something physically.

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