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“Good for my nervous and agitated primary students. Many more fidgeters among primary students these days. Very short attention spans. Hopefully these might help.”
Diana M.

In extension to Autism Awareness Month and due to high demand, we are giving away an additional 100 Snapper Fidget Toys for free!
(just cover shipping)

Feel calm, focused and manage your stress levels

Stop biting nails, chewing on things, or shake your legs. This toy is both fun and brain-stimulating! Relieve your stress or anxiety with this snapper and its pop sound.

Press the two suction cups together and squeeze them apart with a snapping pop. Made of safe and colorful silicone material. Suitable for babies, children or adults alike.

How this fidget toy will enhance your brainpower

✅  Stimulate your brain with sensory play – having a sensory fidget toy with sensory appeal ready to squeeze and pop offers alternative stimulation for our nervous system. Relieving anxiety and stress through harmless channels such as a toy preserves brain capacity for the things we need to do.

✅  Relieve stress with the pop sound – squeezing something and hearing a pop sound instantly means instant gratification for our sensory nervous system and eases stress and makes you feel better.

✅  Weightless and small – handy and convenient for traveling. Have it with you anywhere and anytime.

✅  Safe silicone material – durable and easy to clean.

Life is stressful. Just play!

Stress and anxiety are on the rise, not only for adults but also for our children! Play is fun and triggers the release of the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Especially sensory play has proven to help children relax, focus, and feel better.

Toys and tools for fidgety kids are essential for their well-being and development, keeping them calm, focusses, and relaxed. The OOOVINTM Snapper Fidget Toy provides the ultimate stress relief and sensory stimulation for when stress and anxiety strike. Stimulate your brain while playing and squeezing a snapping pop out of it!

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