Full-Body Resistance Workout Kit


“I think they are a good complement to weights and machines. They help add a different element to strength training and are especially great when weights and machines are not available. You can mimic almost all exercises and work the same muscle groups using resistance bands.”
– Jennifer Giamo, personal trainer

Work out Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you are a beginner, an expert, or rehabilitating this workout kit fully meets your training needs. Enjoy a full-body workout with this Full-Body Resistance Workout Kit without ever having to step out of the comfort of your own home.

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You are fully able to train all different muscle groups. Five colors, five types of resistance levels. Designed with durable latex tubes, reinforced links, and heavy-duty carabiners, this workout kit can withstand repeated intense daily exercise sessions.

Reasons Why This Will Take Your Workouts To The Next Level

✅  A Multi-level fitness tool – not every workout requires the same amount of weight. Our workout kit allows you to range from 10 LBS to 150 LBS by combining bands together, providing fat burning, muscle sculpting workouts for all levels and ages.

✅  Safe, durable, and effective anti-snap design – keep a firm grip with the non-slip handles. Each of the resistance bands is made of the highest quality natural latex which makes them extremely durable, maintaining their resistance for a long time. Each tube is double layered and carefully constructed to provide maximum resistance and security.

✅  Travel-friendly – keep your daily training routine and easily carry our workout kit with you when you travel in the complimentary travel bag.

✅  Extremely versatile – great for activating, toning, and training chest, biceps, abs, shoulders & legs, allowing for muscles to work concentrically and eccentrically. Use the 2 leg straps for lower-body workouts and the door anchor enables 100’s extra workouts. Free workout guide included with step-by-step instructions.

✅  1-year full warranty – we are so excited about this full-body workout kit that we offer a 1-year full-coverage product replacement warranty.

Trusted By Trainers and Physical Therapists

We all know how crucial it is to maintain our training habits. Wouldn’t it be great that after you come home from a busy day you can just grab your workout kit and start working out? This Full-Body Resistance Workout Kit is the ideal tool to keep you in shape and work on your body.

Thousands of certified personal trainers, doctors, and physical therapists across the world rely on resistance band workout kits to train, warm-up or rehabilitate themselves as well as their clients day-after-day.

How to work out with the Full-Body Resistance Workout Kit?

Steadily build up resistance into your training by adding another band to the handle and increasing the ‘weight’ you can pull. Each band’s resistance represents a certain weight level from 10lbs – 150lbs.

The 2 leg straps allow you to train your lower-body muscles and the door anchor allows for a great many additional exercises. See the workout guide that’s included.

Caution: attach the door anchor in a way that you pull the door shut, not open. The doorframe should hold the weight, otherwise you might pull the door open during your workout.


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