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A professional swing in no-time

Execute a professional swing with the OOOVIN™ Golf Swing Trainer. Set the correct wrist position with ease and learn the correct swing technique on your own.

OOOVIN Golf Swing Trainer

Enhanced performance

Suitable for both left- and right-handed golfers. The OOOVIN™ Golf Swing Trainer dramatically enhances performance for every golf trainee. Use it until the correct movement becomes second nature to you. The OOOVIN™ Golf Swing Trainer has proven to be the fastest and most affordable way to enhance your swing technique!

  • Perfect for beginners and even intermediate to advanced golfers
  • Very lightweight (35g)
  • Easy to attach to your golf club


  1. Remove the butterfly nut & screw from the Golf Swing Trainer
  2. Slide the Golf Swing Trainer onto your golf club at just a few inches below where the grip ends (as seen in the pictures)
  3. Put the butterfly nut & screw back in to secure the Golf Swing Trainer on your club
  4. Ensure the Golf Swing Trainer is centered directly on top of the shaft
  5. Grip your club & ensure that the Golf Swing Trainer is directly aligned with your left shoulder
  6. Keeping the Golf Swing Trainer aligned with your left shoulder, begin your back swing until your left forearm meets the curved edge of the Golf Swing Trainer
  7. Begin your swing, allowing the Golf Swing Trainer to meet your arm at a 90 degree angle right before you hit the ball
  8. Follow through with the movement until your left forearm meets the curved edge of the Golf Swing Trainer again

 Get a perfect swing with the OOOVIN Golf Swing Trainer

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