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My husband does a lot of eBay and was having a hard time finding good backgrounds for his nicer items. We decided to by this to try and it actually works amazing!
Shana S.

Take clean and professional-looking product photos yourself!

With the OOOVIN™ Studio Lightbox Pro you have a perfectly lit, portable studio available no matter where you are. Make all of your photos look stylish and professional with the well-balanced lighting system and background sheets.

Today, regular smartphone photos simply won’t do. What you need are clean, crisp, professional-looking, catalog-style product photos!

This Studio Lightbox will radically change your photography

✅  Create images for stunning advertisements — perfectly photograph small products such as toys, jewelry, accessories, gadgets, or any of your products and advertise with tack sharp, high-quality, and high-resolution images. Say goodbye to blurry pixilated product images!

✅  Instant studio — uses USB power supply. No local plugs needed, just connect to your own USB adapter (any smartphone charger), set up and shoot!

✅  Easy to assemble — the efficient design makes assembly a no-brainer. You can literally set up a photo studio anywhere within 10 seconds!

✅  Multiple angles — featuring two openings so you can take pictures from any angle.

✅  No unflattering shadows — a panel of bright white LEDs ensures evenly and well-lit photos, eliminating unflattering shadows and reflections, no need for additional lighting!

✅  Changeable backdrop — use any of the included backgrounds and vary with different background colors.

Stand out amongst the competition with supurb product images

It’s of the utmost importance to show high-quality and sharp images of our products to stand out amongst the dazzling competition out there. Especially for startups, it is important to stay lean and the need for a professional can already be a big and insurmountable expense.

Whatever your needs, whatever your focus, the OOOVIN™ Studio Lightbox Pro will boost your possibilities, transform your creative output, and make all your product photos look stylish and captivating.

Get your Studio Lightbox today and bring that “WOW” factor to all of your projects!

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