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You would think that it would be easy enough to stretch and push yourself to your limit on your own. You’re wrong!! This simple piece of equipment can help push you further than you can push yourself! And the design makes it super comfortable for your ankles and feet or to bring to your workout sessions.
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Achieve the split you’ve always wanted!

Flexibility is key for training without injuries and pain. It allows you to move more gracefully and improves blood flow to your joints and muscles while increasing oxygen levels and performance.

The OOOVINTM Leg Stretcher is an effective leg stretcher that allows you to work on stretching your inner thighs and hamstrings and improve your splits to 180 degrees in already 30 days*.

Adjust the length so you gradually widen your stretch. The padded non-slip handles ensure a comfortable grip on your feet or ankles, while you slowly increase tension.

A complete package, including 2 extra foam handles and 1 strap for convenient stretching. A must-have for anyone that wants to enhance their flexibility.

✅  Adjustable length – each pole has six holes that you can adjust to find your perfect, comfortable stretching level and increase it to get a wider stretch. With a proper daily training habit, you can widen your split within a month.

✅  Padded, non-slip handles – the non-slip foam handles create a comfortable grip for manipulating the stretcher and are comfortable on your feet/ankles while increasing your stretch.

✅  Durable design – stainless steel tubes, made to stand the test of time.

✅  Lightweight and portable – never break your daily stretching training and easily carry it along wherever you go (1.1kg)

If you’re looking for more flexibility and agility for dancing, gymnastics, martial arts, or any other sport the OOOVINTM Leg Stretcher is the perfect choice.

Flexibility is vital

We all know how extremely important stretching is before and after our workouts, especially when we’re doing high-resistance activities like martial arts, dancing, or Yoga. Stretching exercises help you tone your muscles.

Done on your own, it is quite tough and does usually achieve poor results. The OOOVINTM Leg Stretcher is the perfect tool to stretch your legs effectively and with ease.

All you need to do is to adjust the leg stretcher to your size and slowly increase the tension by hand. Completely safe and gentle, protecting you from nasty injuries.

How to stretch?

The OOOVINTM Leg Stretcher consists of three stainless steel tubes that have 6 hole adjustments so you can slowly increase the tension on your legs and widen your stretch.

The two outer poles extend your legs while you adjust the middle pole with your hands to increase or decrease the tension.

A typical training session would look as follows:

  • Prepare your body for flexing with warm-up exercises such as leg swings.
  • Once your blood is flowing, sit on the floor and stretch both your legs. Keep both your feet on the right and left sides of the leg stretcher handles. Lean forward from the hips for 30 seconds. Do not pull the central bar yet.
  • Next step: increase the range of your stretch. Pull the central bar slowly towards you, increasing the tension. Hold for 1 minute.
  • Relax for 15 seconds. Contract and relax your leg muscles by closing both legs and relax.
  • Stretch again for 1 minute.
  • Repeat until you can’t increase your stretch.

Each session can last 10 minutes in the beginning and gradually be extended to 15 or 20 minutes.

*increasing your split within one month requires a proper daily training routine with additional stretching exercises and extreme dedication

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