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“This is a great product. I grill a lot and this not only saves time by turning all my small veggies at once but also allows the food to cook evenly.”
Tammy C.

Reusable and non-stick BBQ grill bags

These mesh bags prevent food from falling between the cracks and sticking to the grill. Enjoy a barbecue with no tedious cleaning work afterward with these phenomenal bags!

This grill bag will change your BBQ game!

✅  Easy flip small foods – Grill properly, clean and efficiently with this mesh BBQ pouch. Designed with advanced non-stick material it is the ultimate solution grilling. The grill bag design keeps all the food on top, so it can be evenly heated and grilled.

✅  Durable, non-stick material – easy to clean and reusable. Dishwasher safe!

✅  Snap button fasteners – your food stays securely inside the bag. Easily flip and turn your food to grill evenly and quickly.

✅  High-Temperature Resistant and multifunction – Use this mesh bag to grill in your backyard or use it to smoke or steam food! This non-toxic, food-safe bag has an extremely high heat resistance, allowing easy cooking in any situation!

How to Use

Put the food evenly distributed in the barbecue bag. You can grill on the usual BBQ grate or directly in the fire or even in your oven. Convenient and fast, it will prevent food from falling out.


  • Material: Glass Fiber Teflon coating
  • Sizes:Small:14x24cm / Large:22x27cm

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Small 14x24cm


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