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Revolutionary training band

This resistance band has won enourmous appeal among swimmers in the past years and has changed the training options drastically.

Limited space is no longer an issue with the OOOVIN™ Aquatic resistance belt. This belt brings an extensive swim training home to a small garden pool anywhere!

Doing your laps in a small pool

Convenient to carry

Comes with a convenient pouch to bring along to any swim training. The belt is made from the lightest materials and adds nearly no extra weight to your training bag.

Perfect for anyone or any age.

Suitable for all sorts of trainings: breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and sprint or long endurance sessions.

Durable and made to last!

Attach the strap at a fixed point in the pool (e.g: the entrance staircase or even a tree or fence nearby), fasten the belt around your waste and start swimming freely, while completing your laps.

The OOOVIN™ Aquatic resistance belt is also used by professional swimmers to improve their training.

IMPORTANT: be sure to attach it to something fixed that can’t be pulled from its place!

The ultimate power training tool

The OOOVIN™ Aquatic resistance belt is a tool to build strength, power, improve swim technique and tone your body without suffering the limitations of space.

Perfect if local pools are closed or you have a pool with limited space.

  • Easy to install, no tools required nor any changes needed for your home pool or garden.
  • Swim for a long time and freely regardless of limited space (2, 3 or 4 meter cord).
  • Easy to adjust for the right fit.

How to care for your belt?

After using, rinse it off with fresh water and hang to dry to extend the life of the latex tube.

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