Swimming gloves


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Swim faster!

swim faster with these webbed gloves

Enhance swimming speed with these webbed swimming gloves. Designed to enhance swimming and paddling power while maintaining full flexibility of your hands and fingers.

Perfect for scuba-diving, snorkeling, surfing, training, and regular swimming.

High-quality silicone for full flexibility

The OOOVIN™ Swimming gloves are made from high-quality silicone with extra elasticity and a special hydrodynamic shape that increases swimming performance just like nature designed for frogs, ducks and other land-water animals.

Webbed gloves for extra swimming speed

Marine animals use their webbed feet to swim swiftly. This same technique is used in these gloves.

Nature’s genius design combined with human progress

  • Speed – swim faster.
  • Resistance – improve technique and add resistance for training.
  • Grip – maintain full flexibility of your hands and fingers and increase grip on slippery surfaces.
  • Durable – made to last for a long time

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Available in three different sizes

High-quality silicone material, comfortable and soft. Perfect for all ages. Designed to maintain full hand and finger mobility.

Webbed fingers

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