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“The product itself solves all your shooting problems and improves the work you create and there are 3 mount holes for flash, mic etc. and it holds the phone in just fine. Handles sit in your hand right away. Using it with tripod for videos is the reason why i purchased it. recommended.”
Diana M.

Create smooth and steady videos like a professional filmmaker

Transform your smartphone into a professional, portable handheld video rig with the Ulanzi® U-Rig Pro. Mount your smartphone easily using the secure spring clip and built-in screw to lock it safely into place. Frame your shots like a professional holding the dual handgrips and smoothly record the world in front of your lens. No more shaky footage!

Attach LED lights, an external microphone, or mount your setup on a tripod for optimal recording in any situation.

A must-have tool for mobile filmmakers and vloggers.

Compatible with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR 8 plus, iPhone X, Samsung, Huawei, and any smartphone with or without a case from 1.97″ to 3.35″ (50-85mm) wide.

This is how you’ll bring your video skills to the next level

✅  Be Professional and Universal – the Ulanzi® U-Rig Pro has 3 cold shoe mounts and 3 universal 3 x 1/4″-20 threaded mounts. Complete your video setup for optimal results and attach multiple LED lights and an external mic for high-quality recording.

✅  Dual Handgrips ensure easy handling and a stable and smooth filming experience by widening your grip on your phone. Frame your shots easier.

✅  Safest Rig for your phone – take your shots at the most daring angles absolutely worry-free. The Ulanzi® U-Rig Pro locks your smartphone 100% secure with both a tight spring clip and a secure screw.

Why your phone videos often suck…

The biggest reason our smartphone videos look like crap is that our hands are unsteady. It’s hard to keep your hands from shaking a little when you’re filming.

The second biggest reason smartphone footage stinks is because of the low audio quality. The regular phone mic is just not good enough and you’ve got to hook up an external directional mic. And a third reason is not enough light.

If you want to ensure the best quality from your beloved smartphone, you’ve got to hook it up with a good directional mic and a good LED light.

The Ulanzi® U-Rig Pro is the ultimate tool to bring it all together allowing you to shoot at your maximum quality.

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