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Color Coded Push Up Board

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"REALLY great product - I do a quick set of pushups before bed (rotating between R-G-B-Y each night) and have noticed huge changes in just a few months. Given, I did zero exercise before hand - but that's why this product is so great..."
Cydney S.

Muscular strength reduces risk of cardiovascular disease

Shape your entire upper-body, while engaging your total core with just 30 minutes of power push-ups a day! The OOOVINTM Color Coded Push-Up Board helps you develop your upper-body muscles and burn calories from the comfort of your own home.

Positioning your hands while doing push-ups has a significant effect on what muscles you use. Train your chest, shoulder, back, and arm muscles daily with the help of this instructional push-up board.

How this board will shape your body in just 30 minutes a day

✅  Color codes help you positioning your hands in multiple positions and angles to target specifics muscle areas maximizing upper-body definition.

✅  "Plug & Press" system allows easy changing and secure handgrip placement. The handgrips are cushioned with a non-slip material so you won’t slip when getting sweaty hand palms.

✅  Foldable and portable board. Simply fold it up for easy storage.

✅  Enhance cardiovascular circulation - Several studies have linked muscular strength to a reduction in cardiovascular disease risk. Males that could perform 40+ push-ups were associated with a significant reduction in incident cardiovascular disease event risk compared to those that could complete fewer push-ups.

How to perform a proper push-up

When performing a push-up:

  1. keep your back straight and your core engaged.
  2. your butt should be down, not lifted.
  3. your body should form a straight line. Don’t let your body sag down or arch your back.
  4. keep in mind that slower push-up speeds result in greater muscle activation, making the exercise more effective.

Ask a friend or film yourself the first time to make sure your form is correct.

Start on your knees if you experience a full push-up is too difficult. Gradually you’ll increase your muscle strength and condition.

If you have a former wrist or back injury, see a physical therapist before performing push-ups. Always consult a doctor when you experience wrist or back pain during your push-ups.

Having no time is no excuse!

We often hear ourselves say we have no time for certain things. Or we face reluctance to get out, change outfits and go to that gym after a while. With just 15 minutes a day, you can already change your life and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease just from your own home!

The push-up is essential to effective workout routines. It’s super simple and magically effective for building strength for multiple muscles at once.

Modify your push-ups to suit your fitness level and still be actively building up your body and improving your posture. You’ll be benefitting from your gain in strength in all of your everyday activities.

With the OOOVINTM Color Coded Push-Up Board you are ready to add push-ups to your daily routine without losing time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Teaches you proper form and posture, advance user may not find it as attractive...

this is nothing but a template for push ups, you could easily do the exercises without this product, BUT if you are a beginner like me this is the best you can get! it forces you to do the exercises with proper form and posture! which is something many beginners like me struggle when changing from being a potato to an active person. I am happy to share that I can now perform at least 5 push ups of each variation, which does not sound that much but for someone that struggled with even knee push ups, I consider it an improvement.

A must have!!

This board is great! It does not look like it could be of alot of help but as soon as you start doing the workouts it burns and it feel harder than doing bench press!
I am really impressed and they give you al the workout help you can get! Videos and a workout sheet! This is a must have! After i was almost done with my chest workout i had to finish the last few positions on my knees! And even like that it was a killer!
Highly recommend! I am 6’1 and weight at 278 lbs and this board feel good to support my weight!

Recommended... but with some reservations on quality and value

I am going to go 4-stars for a few reasons and you can judge for yourself. First this is 2 pieces of plastic that are attached together so it flexes a bit on carpet and I am concerned the joint may crack at some point in the future. It is quite thick but still concerns me. Second, and most disappointing is that the handles are also a very hard plastic which is tough on the palms of the hands. You may need padded gloves or try to add some foam padding such as pipe insulation from the home improvement store. For the exorbitant cost of this thing that is something that I would definitely expect. And of course then the third reason is cost vs.value. Based on how and what it is made of, I think it is way too high for this.

Now all that said, I do like using it and even though I feel it is overpriced in my opinion, I still think it is beneficial for getting a good upper body workout at home. You WILL feel the workout believe me...and start slow if you are new to push ups. You can good results from this by building up slowly starting with even just 5 reps and having your knees on the ground. If you jump into this at 8-12 reps and are not used to doing upper body, you will be sorry for the next 3-5 days. I have been doing some pushups for the last few months slowly building up the number and I really felt this despite having been working these muscled for awhile. These exercises are harder than they look especially when doing multiple combinations in one workout. Please don't hurt yourself.

Best Upper Body Workout Ever

Im 39 and have been working out since I was 15. This is the BEST thing I have EVER used to workout. I stopped using the gym in my home because of this (except for legs). One problem though, the chest button in my shirts started to pull a lot so I had to change my wardrobe a little. I wear more polo's and sweaters now lol. The most inner grips for shoulders and chest I don't use (I don't think they are good for the wrist. But this has literally changed the way I work out permanently. Pound for Pound with amazing results in a very short time. I also purchased one for my 18 year old son and he is also addicted. I talk about it so much that people thought I was apart of the companies marketing team. Because it comes apart, I'm able to pack it when I travel.

THANK YOU for building the only fitness product I've ever used consistently...

REALLY great product - I do a quick set of pushups before bed (rotating between R-G-B-Y each night) and have noticed huge changes in just a few months.

Given, I did zero exercise before hand - but that's why this product is so great...

I actually USE this product consistently. It's so simple for me to pump out some push ups while swishing mouth wash before bed - it has become second nature.

I've noticed better posture, more toned muscles, and have dropped from 175 to 168 in a few months. I went from about 5 pushups per night to 30 right now.

Highly recommended - maybe not for the fitness buff who lives at the gym, but SO PERFECT for the 'everyday joe'...


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