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Cute Cat Pencil Case

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"Cute case! Good quality materials, well made. Works exactly as described. I have 30 Crayola supertip (tall skinny) markers in it with room to spare. Slides up and down easily, and its vey stable when standing open, making it easy for me to get the color I need. I love it so much ill probably het another one for my pens."
Sarai K.

Organize your desk with this pop-up pencil case

Keep all your stationery in one place, your pencils, pens, markers, scissors, erasers, or pencil sharpeners. Slide the pouch down and have your pencil case stand upright like a pen holder for easy access. Pop it up and securely close it with the zipper when you’re on the move.

The ideal solution for people flex-working at different desks or locations.

Why this pencil case will never let you down

✅  High-Quality canvas, durable, washable, and easy to clean.

✅  Cute cat print - perfect gift for cat lovers!

✅  Excellent and high-grade stitching ensuring a long-lasting life.

✅  Extra pockets inside for smaller items so you won’t have to keep searching for them hiding behind your pencils.

✅  Slides down to transform into a pen cup holder for easy access. Closes securely with a sturdy zipper.

How to transform your Cute Cat Pencil Case into a pencil holder

  1. Put your pencil case on the desk and open the zipper.
  2. Gently hold down on both sides and pull the top part down using the small loops.

Can be used to store stationery as well as cosmetics or other stuff. Suitable for both office and home use.


As pencil case: 17cm long, top 12.5cm wide, bottom 7.5cm wide.
As pencil holder: 10.5cm long and 7.5cm wide.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Stiletto heal of pencil bags

Cutest cat bag ever. ok, some people will say it's a little short. I bought colored pencils at the same time, and had to sharpen them down to fit into this bag. I say don't think of this bag as too short, think of the pencils as disgustingly long. Once you put them on a pencil diet you'll have no problem stuffing them into this adorable bag. This is the stiletto heel of pencil bags. It's sexy as hell, shows that you are a fun person, but your going to have to put a little effort in to learn how to walk around with it.

I seriously love it

I was hesitant at first because I was unsure about a couple things: 1) whether pulling the top half up or down would be really hard (if you would have to manually fold it) and 2) whether the green eyes and nose would look not as cute on the blue bag I really wanted. I'm so satisfied with the product when it came though—not only is the bag really easy to adjust and just slides up and down, but the print is also super cute. It's also a very practical design that saves space given tiny lecture hall desks.

Very Cute but too Short!

This is very cute and pretty functional. The concept is brilliant and the overall width is perfect for a school pencil case. I love the way it turns into a pencil holder by simply pulling down the two little side pulls. The only problem is it isn’t tall enough to hold most new pencils. Hence the three star review. If it were about two centimeters taller, it would be much better.

Small and short

I bought this pouch hoping it would be tall enough to hold my pencils and brushes but it's too short. The expanding sides aren't enough to make it fit full size pencils or pens. It can't be used as a pen or pencil holder unless you've already used half of the pencil. It's a cute design but impractical.

An awesome gift choice for stationary lovers!

Bought this as a gift for a teacher friend, she ALWAYS has her pencil/pen pouch with her.. even at the movies to put this in perspective. I like the idea of a pouch that is also like a cup holder plus it’s super cute! She loves it, she’s replaced her other pouch with this one now 👍😁 the fabric is a little stiff but I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing and it works just as shown in the pictures. Looks exactly as shown, no defects with the design or zipper problems. I think this would be great for anyone who is constantly pulling out pencils/pens/markers to draw, write or color! Not sure how much this really holds since it’s not being used by myself but it’s a decent size. Either way, I’m happy and she’s happy with the purchase!


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