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OOOVIN™ Microblade Pen

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"I’m very impressed with this product! I tried it on my hand first and tried to smudge it, it didn’t! Then I tried to wash it off with warm water and soap, it didn’t move!! I was a little scared of actually putting it on my face but it actually looks very natural! It lasted me all day! I’m so excited to keep using it!"
Gladyce T.

Create natural-looking eyebrows in seconds


The OOOVINTM Microblade Pen has transformed over 1,000,000 eyebrows without painful microblading or damaging dyes. This pen is magic for thin eyebrows, covering scars and unleashing the beauty and natural color of your brows.

The unique forked brush fills in your eyebrows with natural-looking water-resistant hair-like strokes that last up to 24 hours. No need to get a microblading, The OOOVINTM Microblade Pen is painless and lasts a long time.

Why this pen will change your beauty

✅  Painless & affordable - no need for painful and expensive microblading.

✅  Real hair-like strokes - apply natural brows in seconds.

✅  Natural colors - the OOOVINTM Microblade Pen is available in four custom made & natural-looking colors including black, dark brown, brown, and grey!

✅  Waterproof and smudge resistantlasting for 24+ hours while still being easily removable.

✅  Innovative forked tip for realistic hair-like strokes. The OOOVINTM Microblade Pen features a unique brush that is used to create precise hair-like strokes. A quick, safe, and affordable alternative to painful and expensive microblading.

Perfect natural-looking full eyebrows?

We all know how it can feel if our eyebrows are thinning or not as full as we’d like them to be. From now on you can get full eyebrows in seconds! The OOOVINTM Microblade Pen gives your eyebrows a natural touch-up, so you maintain the same result throughout the day! It’s waterproof and smudge resistant, that way you don't have to worry about your eyebrows. Your full brows will last extra long.

How to create beautiful, full brows in seconds

  1. Clean both your eyebrows
  2. Place the pen on the inside of your eyebrows
  3. Draw short hair-like strokes in the direction of your current hairs
  4. Fill in any thinner areas in your eyebrows
  5. Shape the descending part of the eyebrow

Prevent the ink from drying out and put the cap back on after use. If you think your pen is empty, shake your pen and let it stand upside down for at least 20 minutes. Most of the time it will work like new again!

OOOVIN™'s first priority is our customer, which is why we have an experienced customer service team 7 days a week open for you. We will respond within 24 hours and got you covered as our valued shopper!

Here at OOOVIN™ we care for our shoppers!

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Best purchase ever

This is the best purchased I had online! You can?t beat the price and the quality of this product! It's worth it , you will not regret it! Thank you thank you thank you


I have been unhappy with how my eye brows have looked for years! Stressing out trying to find products. I tried this and LOVE it! I do not recommend putting it on fresh after lotion on your face. It?s best to use it when your skin is completely dry so it?s streaks correctly. Will be buying again! I did the brown

on point eye brow

Recently, I have developed a love for makeup. As much as I have figured out what suits me and what new products should i try on, more I have started finding products that are helpful in everyday makeup. So this filler, does amazing job to fill in the eyebrow if u have thin eyebrows. How i use it is first I draw the outline and then, when i have the desired eyebrow shape i fill it in upward direction to make it look like its real. Then i border it up with a white highlighter and thats it. This did a pretty great work for me. Im happy with results.

Missed black but good all in all

I got the eyebrow pens on my wifes request for her. And well, three out of 4 pens were good. Customer service responded very quickly to solve the matter and sent another set. My wife likes what she got.

Works great, I love it!

I’ve wanted thicker natural looking brows for years. While this tattoo brow pen isn’t really waterproof, it draws on like individual hairs, rendering a more natural effect. Comes in 4 colors, includes stencils to assist in application. Tread lightly as you apply.


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